Activity Description: This is a 3 week (6 session) t-ball program designed to introduce kids (4-6 yr olds) to the sport of baseball. This will be a very basic program that will teach them the starting fundamentals for the sport, such as; throwing, catching, hitting, and playing the field. First week will be a practice, every week following will be a 15 minute practice followed by a game. Parents will need to provide a glove and are recommended to provide bat.

Program Dates and Times (List them in the space below):

Boys and Girls Ages 4-6 5:00 PM-6:00 PM, July 20 – Aug 5, meets twice a week, Monday and Wednesday with Friday as a rain out day.


Registration Date:

Date Open (In Person): June 30, 2020           Date Closed (In person): July 20, 2020_

Date Open (Online):     June 30, 2020_          Date Closed (Online):      July 20, 2020


Program Fees (List any additional fees in the space provided):

Member Fees: $40     Non-member Fees: $85




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