It’s always swim season at the Y.  The Y is a place to…

Play                            Work
Learn                          Connect
Improve                     Compete

All are Welcome! Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced. We believe the ability to swim is a critical life skill.

Swim Lessons

When you learn to swim, you gain confidence, acquire safety/rescue skills and experience water activities you can enjoy for a lifetime. Click on your Y branch to learn about local swim lessons.


American Red Cross Lifeguard Training instructors train and certify participants in American Red Cross Lifeguard programs. Training currently at Baxter Close YMCA and CSD Community YMCA.

4th Grade Swim Program

Every year, we work with local school districts to offer free swim lessons to build confidence and swimming skills. This program saves lives. Learn more about the program in Clover and Lancaster.

Aquatics Classes

Members improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle conditioning and tone by using the buoyancy and resistance of the water. We offer classes for everyone.

RAYS Swim Team

YMCA RAYS not only develops great swimmers, but cultivates athletes – physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. Building healthier, stronger kids!


Come enjoy the Y indoor and outdoor pools and our water parks. Aquatics at the Y are about more than just the techniques and skills; we are about building friendships, developing self-esteem and creating positive experiences that will last a lifetime.

We’re here for you. Click on your branch for more information on Aquatics. 

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