Mile Club Challenge

Mile Club Challenge is open to all CSD Community Y members who have a goal to swim 100 miles or more in 2021. Simply keep track of the laps you swim during your workouts at the Y. Each time you swim, record your yardage/mileage and have the lifeguard sign off on the tracking sheet located behind the lifeguard stand. In our 25 yard pool at CSD, 1 mile equals 36 laps (or 72 lengths).

So to make it to 100 miles a swimmer would have to swim 176,000 yards or 3,520 laps. If you like to swim and think you’re up to the challenge, sign up today!

CSD Community YMCA
Registration DatesDecember 31, 2021Activity DatesJanuary 1 - December 15, 2021
Member Cost$50
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