Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance

The Y welcomes all people to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, backgrounds, or income has the opportunity to learn grow and thrive. Our Financial Assistance Program is offered to individuals and families who cannot afford membership or programs. Whether someone’s hardship arises from a layoff, an illness or other financial challenges, the YMCA strives to assist anyone in need of our programs and fellowship. Financial Assistance is made possible by our generous donors that contribute yearly to our Financial Assistance Program. To apply for financial assistance download the Financial Assistance Application for Child Care / Membership / Activities or inquire at the member services desk of your local Y.

Financial Assistance Application Process

  1. Fill out the online scholarship application
  2. Download copies of ALL REQUIRED documents.

For income, we must have the following as applicable to your circumstances:

  • If you are working or retired with benefits
    • Prior years tax form 1040 or
    • Two most recent pay stubs
    • Proof of retirement or interest income
  • If you are unemployed
    • Proof of unemployment
  • If you are disabled or receive SSI or SSA benefits
    • Proof of disability benefits
    • Proof of Social Security benefits

For dependency verification please include:

  • For dependents under the age of 18
    • Must be listed on the 1040 tax form or
    • Copy of birth certificate or
    • Copy of school record
  • For dependents over the age of 18 (if not enrolled in school, will be counted as an Adult)
  • Copy of current school (high school or college) enrollment
  • If not enrolled in school, verification of residency (copy of driver’s license) and proof of income
  1. You will receive a letter within 4 weeks regarding outcome.
  2. Take the letter to the branch to join along with drafting information or payment for 12 months in full.
  3. Financial Assistance is granted in 12 month increments and MUST be renewed in order to maintain and keep application information up-to-date. If member is on monthly draft and does not renew, the membership will be canceled. Fees are subject to increase upon renewal.

Eligibility Requirements for Financial Assistance

  1. Parents/Guardians applying for assistance with Afterschool care must either be enrolled in school or employed.
  2. Financial Assistance cannot be made retro-active or used for any outstanding balance due. It is only valid from the date approved.

Open Doors Guest Pass

An Open Doors Guest Pass is available for all financial assistance applicants. This pass can be purchased when the complete application (with all required documents) is turned in to one of our 14 Upper Palmetto Y locations. The cost is $25 and grants the applicant and their family access to the facility and fitness classes only, programs will still be at full cost. For our applicants who have recently suffered job loss, this pass is free (documentation verifying job loss is required). An Open Doors pass is good for 30 days while the financial assistance application is being processed and cannot be extended for any reason. There is only 1 Open Doors pass per year per family.

Please allow 4 weeks processing time before calling.

Missing information or incomplete applications will result in a delay of processing time.

Please take all financial assistance forms and required documents to your local branch.