Important Membership Update

March 24, 2020

Upper Palmetto YMCA Update:

These are tough times for all of us and the Y greatly appreciates your support. Our buildings are closed, but we continue to help our community. Locally, Lake Wylie and Chester have hosted community blood drives and we are considering other creative ways to help our community. Many of our fitness instructors are volunteering their time to create exercise videos, to post on our FaceBook page. 

On the state level, our SC YMCAs have started conversations with DSS and Health Care providers about ways we can help with daycare or other needs for their workers. The SC National Guard is considering the use of our YMCA for emergency services.   

More than 700 Y staff were “laid off” this past week. Since our facilities are closed we no longer need life guards, fitness staff or childcare workers. Those we continue to employ are processing staff unemployment claims, performing extra cleaning and maintenance in our facility and providing ongoing communication with our members and the community. If we reduce expenses by 50%, our 16 Y facilities will still need more than $500,000 each month for building payments, utilities, upkeep of pools, service contracts and insurance.  

The COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic has put us in a situation where we need you to consider making your dues as a contribution which would be tax deductible. We are asking you to continue paying your membership dues while the Y is closed. We understand that not all of our members may be in a financial position to continue your dues as a contribution. We have staff available to assist you in suspending your membership, until we reopen.

Membership options available are: 
1. Continue your membership and get a tax deduction. No further action required.
2. Suspend your YMCA member draft, until we reopen. Please contact to suspend your membership.

We have been serving this community since 1913 and we have never faced anything like this before. Our doors will open again, but right now we need your help to continue our work and ensure future operations. This is a time the community and the YMCA truly needs your support!

Frank Moe Bell
CEO, Upper Palmetto YMCA