Destiny’s Story

destinyDestiny came to Camp Cherokee several years ago on the suggestion from her teacher. Her Teacher, Deanna Shue had been a Cherokee Alumni as well as a volunteer almost all of her life. Little did Destiny, or her mother know that a week long trip to Cherokee would have such a powerful impact on her life. When asked if Cherokee made a difference in her daughter’s life, she said, “Camp Cherokee has been the best experience of her life.

I am amazed at how much she grows as a young person every time I pick her up from her weeks at camp. She seems to be more mature and her self-confidence has gone through the roof!” When Destiny was asked what was her favorite part of Cherokee she said, “I love that place. It’s like a second home. I love swimming and meeting new people from all over.

I’ve also made friends that I get to see whenever I go back. They are like a second family! I would live there forever as long as my Mom could come live with me too.” Destiny would like to become a counselor one day. She wants to be involved with Cherokee for as long as she can and also wants to be able to have an impact on kids like her, who might not have had the chance to come, without the help of financial assistance and Camp Cherokee’s A+