Branch Updates

As you are aware, leadership has made the difficult decisions to close the following branches: Carolina Crossing, Chester County, Gold Hill, and Lake Wylie. A press release went out yesterday afternoon, as well as letters to all affected members. In the chance you are asked about any of the closings, these frequently asked questions may help.

Which branches are closing?

  • Chester County, Carolina Crossing and Gold Hill YMCAs will be closed effective December 31, 2020. Lake Wylie YMCA closed as of October 31, 2020.

Why are they closing?

  • Chester and Carolina Crossing are both closing due to the condition of the buildings. Both buildings are in need of substantial repairs (roof, environmental, electrical, and plumbing), which when weighted against the age of the buildings, leaves the YMCA in a no win situation.
  • Gold Hill and Lake Wylie were closed due to their proximity to other flagship branches, less than four miles from Baxter Close and CSD respectively).

Are these closures really because of COVID-19?

  • While the current pandemic financial climate was a factor, this was not the reason for the branch closures.
  • The decision for Chester and Carolina Crossing were not due to finances, operations, or performances, but because of the state of the building. Gold Hill and Lake Wylie were closed because of their proximity to other existing branches.

What is next for the members?

  • Members at Gold Hill have automatically been transferred to Baxter Close and members at Carolina Crossing have automatically been transferred to York. If they wish to cancel, they need to communicate with Krysten Franks ( or stop by the front desk to fill out a cancellation form. Cancellations must be received by December 31 in order to not be drafted in January.
  • CHESTER ONLY: All current members of Chester County Y will be given a one year free annual membership extension (good through December 31, 2021) for other Upper Palmetto YMCA locations.

Does this mean the YMCA will not operate in Chester again?

  • We are not closing the doors on Chester County, just on the current facility. Our staff and board are open to other long range plans related to future building operations and/or partnerships. It is our goal to continue running LiveSTRONG and other community health programs in Chester County this year.