Bob & Charlotte’s Story

bob-charlotteBoth Bob & Charlotte have been active in the water aerobics class at the Charlotte Avenue YMCA for about twenty years, attending classes three times a week. Charlotte has post-polio syndrome and the water aerobics class has been a tremendous help to keeping her legs strong and mobile enough to maintain her independence. When asked about the benefits of the membership and why they value the YMCA so much, Bob said, “We have reaped great health benefits from the programs, both in heart health and in general body strength and agility.

Another great benefit is the social aspect. Some of our closest friends are people who we met at the YMCA.” Charlotte added, “Any talk about the YMCA absolutely must include a “Thank You” to the staff. Each staff member is completely dedicated, as well as very friendly and very helpful. They make each visit a pleasure.”

It has been our pleasure to serve you and we look forward seeing you in class for many years to come!